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Thompsons zinc tablets equiv 15mg zinc

Thompsons zinc tablets equiv 15mg zinc

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Thompson's Organic Zinc supports immune system health, skin health wound healing and fertility.

Thompson's Organic Zinc is formulated to maintain/support:
- Immune system health and function to fight illness
- Skin health & repair, including wound healing
- Zinc levels in the body within normal range
- Reproductive system health
- Sperm health including motility and production
- General health and wellbeing

Antioxidant; Zinc reduces free radicals formed in the body and decreases their damage to body cells.

Size: 80tabs



• Helps in the maintenance or improvement of general well-being
• For mineral zinc supplementation
• Helps to maintain immune function.
• Zinc supports healthy reproduction hormonal balance
• Vegetarian/Vegan friendly


Active Ingredients: Each tablet contains
Zinc Gluconate 105mg
equiv. Zinc 15mg